Shot on 16mm film on location at the Powel House Museum in Philadelphia, Paloma and Raúl in San Serriffe stages a contemporary dance inside a 60s-inflected domestic drama. Using film and sound to situate Powel House in a fictional South American location and culture, the project erases the site's specific history and uses historic space as a generic template of civil and domestic unrest.

Set photograph taken through Aaton viewfinder by Alex Tyson.

Paloma and Raúl in San Serriffe was an Independent Project of Philagrafika 2010, Philadelphia's international festival celebrating print in contemporary art, and was presented by the Philadelphia Society for the Preservation of Landmarks and Landmarks Exhibitions: Contemporary Projects. Paloma and Raúl in San Serriffe was installed at Powel House Museum in Philadelphia from March 12 through April 4, 2010, and at the Vault at SPACES in Cleveland from May 2011 through October 2011.

PARISS is ...
Paloma: Guin Buchan
Raúl: Andrew Prayzner
Dancers: Lydia Adler Okrent and Strauss Bourque-LaFrance
Voice: Oscar Molina

Music composed by Michael McDermott and performed by janus

Special thanks to Landmarks curator Robert Wuilfe.

Watch dance sequence from PARISS (03:47).