An experimental documentary, Doosan, Sea-doo was produced through RAIR Philly, an artist residency housed inside an industrial recycling plant in Northeast Philadelphia. Dust is an ample and oppressive byproduct of the industrial recycling process at RAIR. For my film residency, we documented daily operations at the site and, after working hours, created engulfing clouds of dust with an industrial sweeper normally used to clear the yard of debris. To my surprise, the dust not only transformed the space by making it vaster and more ambiguous, it also brought with it a worrying theatricality. Both toxic and beautiful, the dust is a renegade material, unstoppable and uncontrollable, and its aggressive presence seemed to suggest that something elemental—and indifferent to our humanity—will continue on after we are gone.

I wrote about my experience at RAIR and my personal attempts at waste reduction. 

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